Royal Huisman On China's Sailing Yacht Scene

By Ben Roberts

After introducing the brand-new Dart 80 concept in collaboration with Andrew Winch, Royal Huisman attended the 2014 China Rendez-Vous to introduce their stunning high-quality yachts to the Asian market. We spoke to Evert van Dishoeck, Commercial Director of Royal Huisman, to find out exactly how the Dutch sailing yacht builders are moving further into China.

“We are well established in America and Europe through boat shows, magazines and regattas, networks, sailing yacht clubs and boat owners but over the past years we got slowly enquiries from Asia. So we’ve been thinking how can we start? So we did a bit of travelling into China, into Hong Kong, into Shanghai and Beijing, we’ve done Singapore Boat Shows in the past but that slowed down in the 90s, but five years ago we said we had to revitalise.”

This sparked Royal Huisman’s first move into Hainan during the first ever Hainan Rendez-Vous. Now in their fifth year exhibiting, the brand is growing stronger as their dedication leads them back to Sanya yet again.

“We have continued to build from that moment on, so it has been a very practical approach […] Around Hong Kong there is quite a big sailing scene – a very experienced and high performance sailing scene – where there are campaigns for regatta boats and a lot of famous races so there is a serious sailing community and we have certainly made contacts in that group.”

With a serious sailing yacht scene in Hong Kong, the Royal Huisman brand and expertise are perfectly positioned to attract more and more high-net-worths with a taste for the ocean to the luxury sailing yacht side. Watch the above video for the full insight into Royal Huisman’s endeavours in China.

By Ben Roberts