Royal Yacht Brokers Announce Sale of Golden Shadow

By Jenna Mehdi

Royal Yacht Brokers are pleased to announce the recent sale of Golden Shadow, a 66.75 metre mega yacht built in 1994 by Campbell Shipyard, and extensively refit in 2017. The seller was represented by Fraser Yachts, Jan Jaap Minemma, after just 5 months of listing in their sales fleet. Representing the buyer, Manuele Thiella, CEO of Royal Yacht Brokers, was delighted to oversee the exchange.

Golden Shadow was built by Campbell Shipyard, a former giant in ship building whose operations dated back to 1926 with the launch of their first boat, fishing vessel ‘Atlantic’. Golden Shadow is the last reported yacht to have been built by the celebrated San Diego-based shipyard, and has retained her original name since launch. Perhaps even more notably, Golden Shadow’s recent sale comes after over 20 years of the same ownership.  

The stylistic eye of Francis Design pulled off the remarkable feat of combining a luxury yachting experience with a spirit of rugged exploration in this memorable 66.75 metre package. Golden Shadow’s extensive on-board amenities perfectly cater to the desires of the more adventurously-spirit simultaneously providing the best facilities that luxury travel has to offer, including among them an airplane, a 2-man dive chamber, and various other fantastic toys.

Of course, at a length of over 65 metres she is no small vessel – and indeed Golden Shadow can accommodate up to 20 guests in her total of 11 staterooms on-board (all of which enjoyed the benefits of her extensive refit in 2017). She is also fitted with a wide platform for research trips and storage for up to 5 boats, making her the ideal choice of yacht for world exploration - whether it be for business or pleasure. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, Golden Shadow was used as the research vessel for the world’s biggest and most comprehensive coral reef survey, among various other worthy sea voyages by research foundations. In new hands, we anxiously await to see what undoubtedly exciting further use she will be put to in the coming years.  

The team would like to congratulate the new owners on their sensational acquisition, and the brokers involved for the great success of the exchange.

By Jenna Mehdi
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