Ruiying Yachts on Creating an Empire in a New Market

By Ben Roberts

Brands are emerging and establishing themselves across China to look after the needs of an owner market growing just as steadily as their businesses. Ruiying Yacht Club came to the China Rendez-Vous to showcase their brand-new facilities, but we discovered much more when speaking to them.

“Our company is diversified,” explains Managing Director of Ruiying Yacht Club Zhang Weiwei, “so we have many industries include yacht building and we have a yacht club. For us this is a yacht club exhibition. Now we are including more business for yacht charter as well. Another part of our charter portfolio is business jets.

We have the factory, the Ruiying Club is the only agency for the products and we have three kinds of products. Firstly, fishing boat. We have 48’, 110’ feet and then secondly, we have yachts. We are on a 55’, but we have 9 ranges of the yacht, the first is 45, 55, 65, 75, 77, 95, 125, 185, so in our factory we are now building two boats of 125.”

The vast portfolio of Ruiying Yachts covers every modern demand coming from owners, providing both infrastructure and yachts in the ranges increasingly sought-after by the Chinese client. Watch the full video to discover more about the range on offer in China.

By Ben Roberts