Russell Coutts Discusses The Perini Navi & America’s Cup

By Ben Roberts

Between May and June 2017, Bermuda will welcome America’s Cup teams from around the world as they prepare to battle it out on the Great Sound for a month of solid racing. Russell Coutts, CEO of the Americas Cup Event Authority and legendary sailor, arrived at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda to discuss the upcoming event in Bermuda as well as his view on the sixth Perini Navi Cup.

Having arrived from straight from Gothenburg, where he witnessed his home team claim victory at the 2nd America’s Cup race, Russell Coutts joined the Perini Navi family to deliver an opening message for the return of the Perini Navi Cup.

“Obviously Perini Navi yachts are absolutely spectacular and amazing, but also equally impressive is the organisation that you have behind this class and the friendship I’ve witnessed over the last few days has been amazing [...] the next Americas Cup will be in Bermuda in 2017, and one of the things I wanted to say was try and encourage you to come along and be part of the event; we would certainly love to have the Perini Navi class there.”

The 2017 Bermuda America’s Cup will also host a superyacht regatta, perfectly marrying the ideals of both the 1851 founded historical race and the sixth Perini Navi Cup. At current, 58 berths are open in the America’s Cup village, with exciting events scheduled for any owner looking to enjoy their Perini in a new and exciting way.

A natural sailor with skill which transcends the senses of most under sail, Russell also highlighted his history with sailing and how sailors today are fighting a challenging, but fun, battle with the unpredictable nature of both water and wind.

“I grew up with sailing, we grew up on the water. I couldn’t help but get involved. My father was very involved so I just gravitated that way, it was an easy thing to do. Once I did get involved I loved it. I loved the connection with the ocean and the challenge you’ve got [as] it’s hard to predict exactly what’s going to happen too far into the future.

Of course the really good sailors like to think they can read the wind. I used to think that, when I was at my best, I thought I could read the wind like colours but maybe you could maybe you couldn’t. It’s one of the fun things about the sport.”

The America’s Cup Event Authority is transforming Bermuda to welcome superyachts, racing experts, enthusiasts and avid followers of the thrilling race to produce one of the strongest months of competitive sailing in the Cup’s historic legacy come 2017.

By Ben Roberts
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