Rybovich Haul Superyacht Mi Sueno onto Dry Dock

By Ben Roberts

The 57.5m (190’) Trinity-built Mi Sueno was successfully hauled out by Rybovich on their recently acquired 3000 ton Floating Dry Dock.

The haul was executed in the Port of Palm Beach, conveniently located across the inlet, where the vessel will undergo routine maintenance work. Captain Glynn Smith, a lifetime yachting professional with a history of servicing various yachts at Rybovich, was excited to learn that his schedule coincided with the prospect of being at the helm of the first Superyacht hauled on the new dry dock.“Rybovich achieved a flawless lift that seemed so routine as if they had been doing it for many years. This is a great step forward for the Superyacht service industry in South Florida” said Captain Glynn.

Rybovich President, Wayne Huizenga Jr. was equally as excited. “The haul out of Superyacht Mi Sueno on our new floating dry dock ushers in a new era of opportunity for Rybovich and the marine industry of South Florida. We feel very blessed to be at the center of this transformational event” he said.

Rybovich introduced the new floating dry dock in September 2012 as a means to offer comprehensive solutions to the larger superyachts that previously could only be serviced in the water.

Rybovich believes that the ability to haul out Superyachts will ultimately attract a growing number of yachts to the United States. “The response to the news of a floating dry dock was overwhelmingly positive and new service inquiries were almost immediate” said Rybovich Vice President of Business Development, Francois van Well.

By Ben Roberts
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