Sanlorenzo and OID Announce New 62m Flagship Yacht

By Ben Roberts

The Italian Sanlorenzo shipyard and Officina Italiana Design have signed a new agreement for the design of new models, and in appropriate fashion, have released a new 62m flagship superyacht.

The new Sanlorenzo models designed by Officina Italiana Design are already in an advanced project phase with the first new model, the 62Steel. This new 62m flagship superyacht will be built in steel and was drawn by the talented designer Mauro Michelli, in lines with the typical Sanlorenzo style.

"Looking at the nautical market," says Micheli, "we realized that there are many yachts with chaotic exterior lines. So we had the idea to think about a yacht without exaggerations, but with an extreme formal simplicity, an elegant and sober object. We think that personality in general does not come from exaggeration but from harmony and proportion instead... in the maximum respect of efficiency and safety."

"Sanlorenzo and Officina Italiana Design," continues Fulvio Dodich, Sanlorenzo CEO, "have been working so far on a parallel way at the top of the yachting industry, constantly sharing the same values such as quality and elegance, that brought to the creation of the beautiful motoryachts with a timeless style, far from evanescent trends, as pure Sanlorenzo DNA. I am sure that now, from this partnership, will come out the most attractive motoryachts of the next years, for the pleasure of all those owners in love with the sea and elegance."

"The collaboration with Sanlorenzo is a great honour and a huge challenge," says Mauro Micheli from OID. "We could have continued working just for one of the most important brand of the nautical market, but we decided that it was the right time to challenge ourselves with Sanlorenzo, one of the most prestigious shipyard of this sector."

By Ben Roberts
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