Sanlorenzo Announces Launch of Net-zero Superyacht in 2027

By Heather Collier

In a press conference at the Blue Innovation Dock at boot Düsseldorf, Sanlorenzo's CEO Massimo Perotti took the opportunity to highlight its three-step mission "Road to 2030" that will launch the first net-zero superyacht in 2027.

Major investment in research and development will begin over the course of the next five years, a significant time for the shipyard, which involves the construction of a 50Steel.

The 50-metre model will be the first of three remarkable launches, all of which will include the first practical use of methanol and fuel cell technology on board a superyacht.


Technological testing and advances are already being implemented by Siemens with the hope of an initial launch in 2025, with fuel cells powering the hotel load only. Perotti views this as the first imperative step in the direction towards net zero.


Working in collaboration with Lloyd's Register, Sanlorenzo will develop a carbon-neutral power generation system, with a major increase in the power developed by the reformer/fuel cell modules, allowing low-speed and wide-range navigation in carbon neutral conditions, all achieved through a hybrid propulsion system.

The framework of this system will overcome a number of the current limitations of systems today, many of which in zero emission mode have to lean on the modest energy capacity of the batteries.

This second step in Sanlorenzo's strategy will mean many technological advancements not only for the yacht's structure, but its plant configuration. Commencing in 2026, Sanlorenzo is set to launch a vessel that has combined fuel cell technology for the hotel mode and hybrid for use when on the move.


The final step in Sanlorenzo's "Road to 2030" strategy is the design and construction of a superyacht powered entirely by green methanol.

Diesel engines will no longer serve as a requirement to sail at maximum speed. Instead, the yacht will be powered by a combination of fuel cells and internal combustion engines, both powered by green methanol.

The project is on course to be launched in 2027, with very little information available at this time. However, the shipyard has revealed it is currently in discussion with the IMO regulatory board regarding the restrictions on the maximum GT of superyachts, particularly those below 499 GT.

Sanlorenzo, with support from the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss), is arguing that in order for shipyards to make greener alternatives more desirable to superyacht owners, the board should overlook any additional space needed for this vital fuel cell technology.

By Heather Collier
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