Sanlorenzo Open Atelier Office and Sell 24m Yacht

By Ben Roberts

After opening the new direct office, Atelier Sanlorenzo, an authentic yacht boutique located in the prestigious port Carlo Riva in Rapallo, has successfully sold a 24m yacht from the new reference point for Northeast Italian ship owners.

Clients, friends and admirers gathered to celebrate the new opening of the Italian shipyard, third in the world ranking of the top 20 builders of over 24 meters yachts which has been building tailor-made yachts for more than 50 years according to the style and requirements of each owner.

Atelier Sanlorenzo will be led by a team of highly-skilled yacht experts: Nico Laude and Marco Fiorani (General Managers) and Gian Franco Crosta (Senior Sales Director).

Sanlorenzo’s been representing a model of the Italian yachting excellence in the world since ages," says Noco Laude. "I’d like to thank our Chairman , Massimo Perotti, and the whole management of the shipyard for this great opportunity but most of all for never stopping supporting the Italian yachting business the hard times this sector is facing. And there’s no better start than a sale, right today, of a new Sanlorenzo SL82 (24 meters) to an Italian owner.

With Atelier Sanlorenzo, just a few months after the opening of Sanlorenzo Adriatico on the other Italian coast, the Sanlorenzo sales network keeps on growing also on the national territory thanks to the establishment of direct offices, a sort of embassies of the brand which has becoming more and more an icon of the made-to-measure yachting.

This strategy, together with a limited production of only a few unique pieces per year, has allowed Sanlorenzo to maintain its turnover, its number of units and the overall lengths of its products even through the difficult years of recession.

By Ben Roberts
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