Sanlorenzo Unveils Two New Sustainable Superyacht Models

By Emily Dawkins

Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo has revealed two new sustainable superyacht models: 28m SD90/s and 33m SP110.

In a move to satisfy its ethos for the future through creating yachts with ‘transformability of spaces and hybrid propulsion’, Sanlorenzo’s latest models do just that. 

Unveiled for 2022, the two new superyacht designs showcase the yard’s recent development in nautical technology that has low environmental impact, whilst ensuring that the unforgettable experience of yachting remains. 

28m SD90/s

As an addition to the successful Sanlorenzo SD (Semi-Displacement) line, the new SD90/s model combines aspects of her predecessors in a smaller, more compact profile. 

With innovative features, including hybrid motorisation and ZEM (Zero Emission Mode), the new 28m model focuses on ‘traversal technological efficiency’ and marks an important step forward for the yard’s development with Siemens Energy on methanol fuel cells. 

Featuring exterior design by Zuccon International Project, the model is not only innovative on the inside. Over two and a half decks, the exterior layout creates a harmonious space that promotes ‘maximum liveability’ onboard. Sleek lines and stylised open-air spaces create a true sense of spaciousness despite the smaller frame. The model also offers two alternative bow configurations that are either designed around lounging or entertaining. 

Patricia Urquiola penned the interior for the new SD90/s, and has designed a flexible living space onboard that can adapt to each owner’s needs, whilst ensuring sustainability and low environmental impact is at the forefront. As an example, the saloon’s bow wall is made entirely from recycled glass, whilst the terrazzo in the bathrooms are completely sustainable. 

Patricia commented: ‘SD90/s already shows great willingness to think about many other aspects beyond interior design, and I feel this is the beginning of a collaboration in which we strongly believe. I am sure that some of the solutions that we have studied and employed in the design of SD90/s will be internalised by the company and will be part of the research that Sanlorenzo is successfully carrying out.’ 

The SD90/s model has a hull length of less than 24m and an overall length of 28m. With hybrid propulsion, the 28m can cruise at six to 10 knots and with traditional propulsion can reach maximum speeds of 17 knots.

33m SP110

The SP110 marks Sanlorenzo’s first Open Coupè. Combining green technologies with impressive comfort and performance, the new 33m model has been created by the Italian yard to ‘write a success story in yachting’ as well as ‘enter the world of sports yachts’. 

To do this, Sanlorenzo sought a team of experts: Bernardo Zuccon of Zuccon International Project for the exteriors, Tilli Antonelli at Sanlorenzo product development, Marco Arnaboldi for the naval architecture, and Piero Lissoni of Lissoni & Partners for the interiors.

As the first yacht in the new Sanlorenzo SP (Smart Performance) series, the innovative SP110 features a fractional propulsion system, high-efficiency solar panels, as well as an optimised hull for use with hydrojet propulsion. Various solutions, including laminated glass, ensure significant savings in the weight of the new design. 

Across two decks, the SP110 consists of large interior and exterior spaces that incorporate spacious, unparalleled volume with an elegant minimalism that ‘perfectly embraces the philosophy of the overall design.’

Bernardo Zuccon commented: ‘The SP110 tries to question certain canons that characterise the performance boats we are used to. While respecting the stylistic features that have historically characterised this type of boat, such as the aerodynamic and extremely organic surfaces, with Tilli Antonelli we arrived at a compromise: to conceive a boat dialogue between dynamism and a liveability that is not normally perceived on boats of this size.’

Piero Lissoni remarked: ‘I tried to bring the same attitude as the other models to this boat with its sporty lines: open spaces, connection between interior and exterior, and lots of technology. One of the central elements is the double height at the stern that makes the main deck communicate with the lounge below via a hyper-technological staircase.’

The SP110 model has a beam of over 8m and a total length of 33m. 

Both new models showcase an impressive example of Sanlorenzo’s vision for the future of sustainable, low impact yachting combined with comfort and exclusivity. They are both due to be unveiled at the September boat shows this year.

"The SP110 tries to question certain canons that characterise the performance boats we are used to."

Bernardo Zuccon, Zuccon International Project


"The SP110 tries to question certain canons that characterise the performance boats we are used to."

Bernardo Zuccon, Zuccon International Project
By Emily Dawkins