Selling Sophistication: Grace E Finds New Owner

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Grace E is an Italian icon. At 73m (240'), her build-pedigree and status as the most illustrious Picchiotti superyacht on the water puts her in a league of her own. Designed by none other than Philippe Briand, it’s no surprise that today, buyer representatives at Y.CO announced her successful sale.

Born from Briand’s extended relationship with the Perini Navi / Picchiotti shipyards, Grace E boasts the title of the first motor yacht delivered in the designer’s Vitruvius brand series. When she left the shed back in 2014, she sparked conversation.

Her sheer size and volume put her on the cusp of the Top 100 largest superyachts in the world, while her performance, a testament to Perini Navi’s extended experience in developing highly efficient sailing yachts.

Fast forward to 2018 and she still holds desirable capabilities; even in an ever-developing industry. Grace E’s ability to cross the Atlantic multiple times on one tank of fuel – a result of her 7,500 mile range – is impressive. Further, she burns 15 percent less fuel than her diesel-powered comparisons: the ultimate requirement for any savvy owner both in pocket and under today’s environmental scrutiny.

However Grace E isn’t just a technological feat. Her finely crafted lines are effortlessly sophisticated and haven’t aged a day since her launch. On the inside, her interior by Parisian-studio, Remi Tessier oozes modernity with creamy colourings and a delicately decorated wellness deck that offer’s serenity and health at sea.

In essence, she’s quintessentially Italian in every sense of the phrase, with loving craftsmanship, unrivalled quality and oodles of heritage embedded into her build.

In all, Grace E marks a milestone era for her builders at the Perini Navi Group, who recently re-branded Picchiotti into the Perini Navi Motor Yachts arm. Today her 73-metres accompany that legacy alongside a multitude of desirable features that will be held in high regard for many years on.

Listed for sale with Fraser Yachts back in the final quarter of 2017, the sale of Grace E today announced by Y.CO, marks activity in the market, and is a gentle reminder that preparations are heavily underway for the summer season. While we await more details of the sale, we hope her new owners enjoy their substantial piece of Picchiotti history.

By Rose-Hannah Lishman
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