Silencio Named Victor In Race One Of Perini Navi Cup

By Ben Roberts

Today saw the official start of the 2013 Perini Navi Cup as a fleet of imposing superyachts embarked from Porto Cervo Marina to await the signal for the first day’s race. The first race of the event was dominated on the water by the performance cruising sloop P2, which crossed the finish line with a comfortable lead; however, it was the 50m Silencio which claimed victory in corrected time.

As I sat on the tender, racing in and out of the battle for pole position (even in light winds of approx. 8 knots) I witnessed the incredible fleet of Perini Navi superyachts take a course across 13 miles; stretching from the starting line at Porto Cervo to the finishing line off the Gulf of Pevero. After rounding the Secca Tre Monti rock, the sailing superyachts headed upwind to round the Secca delle Bisce and begin the final push to decide the victor.

P2 was an undoubtedly strong contender today and stormed the course well ahead of the other vessels. Captain Jonathan Kline proudly commented, “This is our first Perini Navi Cup with P2 and we found the conditions we expected, light winds but excellent for P2. We knew we would be able to pass most of the fleet in the first leg but then we would have to extend significantly to maintain the lead. I don’t know yet how we did, we finished quite far ahead of most of the boats but I don’t know if it was enough to take first place.”

America’s Cup sailor Dawn Riley was pleased with the teamwork aboard Silencio, “We won today, well done to all! I am the tactician on board and the entire crew did really well today, they were perfect. This is my third Perini Navi Cup and you have to know how to sail these boats, everything is so big. The owner said he wanted to get just one podium finish so I guess we did that! I just hope we can keep it up now.”

Third place went to the 52m Tamsen, racing in the event with a crew of almost 60 friends and family members.

After the Vhernier sponsored cocktail competition, the evening’s owners and guests are enjoying a dedicated cocktail party with Pommery champagne as Owners, Captains and Crew prepare for another heated race tomorrow which forecasts light to moderate easterly winds.


By Ben Roberts
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