Sisterships Pelorus & Quantum Blue Outside Lurssen

By Ben Roberts

Two sisters could be spotted at the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen today: the newly built 104m Quantum Blue and her older sibling, the 115m Pelorus. Both designed by Tim Heywood, Pelorus has just completed a refit and Quantum Blue has now been delivered and is preparing for her maiden cruise in the spring.

Six yachts are at the Lürssen facilities in North Germany this winter. Every year many Lürssen "children" and other yachts are coming home to undergo a refit, repair job, or a conversion.

This is work that Lürssen undertakes with the German precision for which they are world-renowned. And although the work required may differ from ship to ship, the aim is always the same. Once Lürssen has been involved, the yacht’s life expectancy and performance will once again be comparable to that of a newbuild.

Seven shipyards provide for ample space to build and refit many yachts at one time in covered sheds and dry docks. And with over 1800 people working in the group, Lürssen not only has the space, but also the manpower of engineers, naval architects and craftsmen to work on any project - may it be a new build, a refit or a conversion.

Refit, Repair and Conversion has become a core business for Lürssen. Amongst the last refits are some of the world's most beautiful yachts such as Angel's Share, Pelorus, Carinthia VII, Dilbar, Radiant, Rising Sun, TV and Phoenix ².

One of the bigger recent refits was completed in the summer 2014 for "Global", formerly known as "Kismet".

By Ben Roberts
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