Southern Wind Closes In On 23 Years Of Yachting

By Paul Joseph

This year is a significant milestone for South African shipyard Southern Wind, as it celebrates its 23rd birthday.

We sat down with Andrea Micheli, Of Pegaso Srl, Southern Wind Marketing and Customer Care Representative, at the recent Monaco Yacht Show, to find out more about the company and hear his thoughts on what has been a remarkable two decades.

“Southern Wind is a shipyard specialising in building semi-custom advanced composite sailing yachts,” he began by telling us. “In the range over the years we moved from specialising in building 72 to 80 footer and then we became you might say ‘kings’ in the range of 100 footer.”

So what would he say has been the Cape Town-based company’s single biggest achievement since its foundation 20 years ago.

“I would say that the biggest achievement we made over the years is having gained the trust of our clients,” he said.

“In the beginning our clients were looking for yachts that were just the same and over the years we managed to fulfil the expectations of our clients and we coped with the growing expectations.

"So I think the biggest achievement is that we’ve delivered so many yachts to clients who were more and more sophisticated and knowledgeable and expected more and more.”

You can watch the full video interview with Andrea Micheli above this article.

By Paul Joseph