SOVREN To Launch New Crew Recruitment APP

By Jenna Mehdi

SOVREN Group has announced the imminent launch of an innovative new crew recruitment system and rewards programme. Scheduled to go live in May, the APP will allow users to take advantage of the full array of SOVREN Crew’s services at the touch of a button.

The upcoming release of the APP comes after the staggered launch of the system beginning with the crew element in November last year and followed by the facility for yachts and yacht profiles earlier this year. 

The programme is the brainchild of founder and CEO of SOVREN Group Stephen White, whose own experience as a superyacht captain led him to identify a niche in the market for a sophisticated crew search facility - one that is easy to use and will guarantee relevant, targeted results instantly.

The concept aims to remove the hassle of yacht ownership, management and crew recruitment - areas in which SOVREN Group and associate brokerage company IYR are highly experienced in operating within.  

So how does it work? 

Crew members receive benefits for being part of the SOVREN Crew network; these points awarded for activity are displayed within their profile, such as location check-in or updating qualifications. The system effectively delivers crew an automated individual CV built from the information they provide, with unique features such as the SOVREN ‘reality CV’ video presentation or SOVREN Personality Assessment. 

The crew profile itself is integrated within an easy-to-use search facility, allowing the recruiters to find the ideal candidate for their requirements in minutes. 

Members can alert crew managers to where they are and whether they are actively looking for a role with the APP’s location facility and ‘active search’ status. 

And from the yacht’s perspective, the SOVREN system provides a fully integrated security name check ensuring only suitable candidates are hooked up with potential employers.

The APP is aimed at keeping quality crew members consistently in the right roles, while allowing owners and captains peace of mind that their yacht is in safe hands. 

Additional features of the system include crew history, vacancy information and interview options. The APP is designed to the highest specification of usability and simplicity, while allowing for various additional features catering to the many requirements of crew recruitment.   

This is a uniquely simple system, designed with real-life experience of crew requirements in mind, that is sure to prove an industry hit.


By Jenna Mehdi