SOVREN Yacht Crew Recruitment App Launches on App Store

By Jenna Mehdi

SOVREN’s yacht crew recruitment app has now officially launched on the App store. After years of R&D, months of rigorous testing and a phased release for yachts and crew, the app is now fully live and ready to use.

Promising a ‘new approach to yacht crew recruitment’, SOVREN’s innovative and user friendly application introduces a rewards scheme geared towards crew while providing potential employers with a convenient ‘reality CV’ service to easily find and match qualified candidates with open positions. 

Designed by former yacht captain and CEO and founder of SOVREN Group Stephen White, the app fills a much-needed gap in the yacht crew recruitment market and is aimed at being as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. 

While there are some similar apps on the market, many of them are lacking in roles on offer, difficult to use or require upfront payment with limited returns. 

Stephen White comments in a statement,I had the ideas for the new system seven years ago when we bought the crew agency Dovaston, however, the technology wasn’t in place to create such a dynamic and interactive interface.’

As White ‘waited for technology to catch up’, SOVREN Group took the opportunity to carry out extensive market research into exactly the product the market needed. 

Novel features of the app include its ‘reality CV’ video introduction feature, as well as a name check against Interpol lists and politically exposed persons lists for safeguarding and to ensure only qualified crew are matched up with yachts.

‘It’s a “help us to help you” initiative,’ explains Rachael Wilson, manager of the SOVREN Crew office in Palma, ‘We need good candidates to meet the high standards of the yachts we work with; if a profile is completed well, with qualifications, certificates, skills and references added, we can better place the candidate in the right role for them. By rewarding them for building their profile, we can do our job better and react rapidly to the vacancy requirements.’

There is also an integrated personality assessment in the app, asking candidates a series of questions to build an impartial character profile review. 

A clear, intuitive design provides an extensive list of crew vacancies for candidates to easily register interest for, and - perhaps best of all for the end user - the app is completely free of charge to download and use today.

By Jenna Mehdi