Stella Maris Furthers Sustainability At Sea In La Spezia

By Ben Roberts

Stella Maris, the 72 metre superyacht built by VSY, has once again returned to La Spezia to lead the discussions behind important initiatives concerning sustainability at sea.

On 29th January in Porto Lotti, La Spezia, a presentation of the international project ‘Important Marine Mammal Areas’ (IMMAs) was held within the context of programmes organized by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Professor Erich Hoyt, a member of IUCN, and Professor Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, President of the Thetys Institute in Milan and Co-President of the IUCN Task Force for protected Marine Mammals Areas, have both presented a new international strategic plan for the protection of these creatures, supported by VSY.

The event has also served as a perfect backdrop for the signature of the Convention which sees the Italian shipyard, strong in their consolidated partnership with the Eulabor Institute, inaugurating their collaboration with the University Centre in La Spezia, Promostudi, through the support of a research project for the sustainable disposal of fiberglass.

Cristiana Longarini, Managing Director of VSY, Admiral Dino Nascetti, President of Promostudi, and Vienna Eleuteri, President of Eulabor Institute and Sustainability Manager of the shipyard as well, have chosen this occasion to sign a strategic pact solutions-oriented for sustainability in the yachting sector. This first step aims to identify La Spezia as the first important Mediterranean centre for sustainability.

VSY’s primary objective has long been the implementation of new models of integrated sustainability in the yachting industry, which has now led them to be an accredited reference point in the industry at an international level.

The main local institutions’ representatives, including the Mayor Massimo Federici and Councillors Alessandro Pollio and Davide Natale, attended the event to signify the strong commitment of the city to this initiative.

By Ben Roberts
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