Steve Gresham on the Creation of Gresham Yacht Design

By Paul Joseph

Last year, with two decades of yacht industry experience behind him, Steve Gresham took the bold and brave step of creating his own yacht design company.

Judging by our conversation when we sat down with Mr Gresham at the recent Monaco Yacht Show, there are no regrets and his excitement for the future is palpable.

“I thought the time was right,” he began by telling us. “I’ve been in the industry for probably 20 years now and I’ve worked for a lot of ‘name’ designers. We’ve been very successful together and I just thought it was time to start my own firm, or rather start doing it in my own name.

“I launched Gresham Yacht Design early last year. It’s been a journey, and it’s very exciting.

One of the company’s debut projects is an 87-metre yacht created in collaboration with Greek naval architect firm Alpha Marine. So what can Mr Gresham tell us about that?

“I’m a creative exterior designer and although I’ve worked with naval architects and I understand the principals of how to build a yacht, I’m not a naval architect,” he said.

“So I’m working with Alpha Marine and the yacht’s to be built in Turkey, and again a very exciting yacht. It’s got a very large interior volume, great interior guest accommodation, it’s 13-36 passengers, and exterior wise I’m very proud of it. It’s got my trademark on it and it’s a nice looking boat.”

You can watch the full video interview with Mr Gresham above this article.

By Paul Joseph