Steve Kozloff Lifts Lid on 170m Triple Masted Yacht Concept

By Heather Collier

Renowned US yacht designer Steve Kozloff has unveiled Glory, an innovative, new superyacht concept that comes complete with an aircraft hangar, submersible storage and a set of three tilting masts.

After unveiling his 160 metre superyacht concept Galleon in June 2021, it appears Kozloff has decided to push the boundaries even further.

Newly released renders show the vessel is fitted with Solid Sail System which features integrated load sensing technology that informs the captain how much to drive sailing rigs.

The three masts are groundbreaking in their ability to set their own sails, rotate a full 380 degrees and tilt forward 70 degrees to reduce drag and allow the yacht to pass under high bridges, something that is continually a challenge for modern day luxury vessels.

This model comes after the ice-class explorer Elegante and Arctic Owl as part in his Goliath Series. 

While Glory is a superyacht first and foremost, she is ultimately an explorer, and has been designed with scientific research and adventure in mind. Fit with an ice-classed hull and heated masts, handrails and doors that prevent icing, she will be able to cruise in polar regions for scientific exploration. 

Her pair of cranes will help load and off-load all research equipment, and a large tender garage offers storage for tour tenders and two Nemo U-Boat Worx submarines with a dedicated launch system to allow easy access to deeper levels of the sea.

In conjunction with this, her aircraft hangar covers 620 sqm and boasts a unique elevating and gyro stabilised landing pad which can accommodate up to two helicopters or three eVTOLs.

Glory also features a series of top-class amenities spread across her five decks, including a 450 sqm owner’s suite and two master suites. She can accommodate up to 26 guests and 40 crew members, with spacious VIP areas to indulge in.

Her interiors feature futuristic curved walls, an abundance of stylish windows and a wide variety of entertaining spaces including a marble-clad piano bar.

Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the water from her intimate viewing platform at the stern, while the Upper Deck features a 6 by 12 metre swimming pool. 

Equipped with a 6,000 hp hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, she can cruise at 14 knots for 6700 nautical miles with diesel power only, with a top speed of 17 knots. Under sail power only, she can reach 12 knots.

Framed with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, Glory appears to be the perfect explorer vessel; intended for the most wild, untouched corners of the ocean.

By Heather Collier