Sunseeker on the Rapidly Advancing Asian Market

By Ben Roberts

The most respected motor yacht brand in the world, the British yacht builder Sunseeker has boats on every part of the world’s waters. With an endless range of extremely detailed and high-quality yachts across all ranges, it’s no doubt that they are growing alongside the Asian market.

“Over the years we’ve been very successful here and we’re continuing that, but there’s a lot of focus from the business in this part of the world,” explains Douglas Culverwell of Sunseeker International. “Particular in our bigger boats we’re particularly able to address that part of the market. We’ve sold 135s, 95s with Karaoke rooms and Mahjong rooms or even big circular dining tables in place of master cabins which is certainly what we feel customers are asking for.”

The key to cracking the market is the ongoing education of the Chinese client, as the customisation and the cultural use of yachting is growing, as is the awareness of Sunseeker’s heritage and the popularity of yachting on board a handmade UK yacht.

“It takes time to develop and it takes time for them to come to the likes of this boat show, learn about the brand and learn boating.”

With a growing regional passion for yachting and cultural customisations bringing the Chinese to the water, Sunseeker’s role in establishing the motor yacht market in Asia is an ever-growing success. Watch the full video above to find out more about Sunseeker Asia and the new launches coming across the year.

By Ben Roberts