Super Nova: The Super Fast and Super Green Solar Hybrid

By B. Roberts

Super Nova is a revolutionary plug-in, solar hybrid superyacht concept capable of generating enough surplus electricity to cruise Carbon Neutral for 7,000nm every year.

Richard Sauter, Head of Design at Sauter Carbon Offset commented “Super Nova’s state of the art Green Technology demonstrates that Carbon Neutral Superyachts are not just a futuristic dream, but a present day fact of life destined to become a ubiquitous reality.”

Super Nova and Formula Zero are the only Superyachts to harness sustainable sources of energy from Wingsails, PV Cells and Power sailing KER, which combined with Plug-in power sources charge a Lithium ion storage system that runs all Hotel services. This Lithium power supply enables Super Nova to reach her highest possible speeds and navigate harbours and inland waterways with zero emissions.

The 60m Super Nova superyacht concept is packed with currently available Green Technology for the safekeeping of the Ocean and the maintenance bills of any owner such as a Mercedes Benz & Daimler BlueTec diesel electric power generator, State-of-the-art adjustable camber fully rotational Wingsails, and computerised energy management.

Super Nova’s Catamaran hi-speed wave piercing hulls, alongside self levelling sea keeping hydro & aeronautical advances, will make her one of the fastest power sailing megayachts in the world. Able to cruise at 18 knots to a 75-100% reduction in GHG emissions with a maximum speed of 22 knots.

All combined, cruising at an average speed of 8knots Super Nova’s regenerative charge and lithium UPS provide for a virtually unlimited Zero Carbon cruising range.

As a Certified Carbon Offset Project Super Nova can save more than 6,000 tons of CO2 per year. Plugged in to shore power she is capable of feeding 400+Mwh’s of electricity to the grid. Enough energy to make 7,000 nautical miles of Carbon Neutral voyages every year.

Sauter Carbon Offset Design have stated that Super Nova’s winning performance, spacious comfort and Carbon Neutral presence is certain to establish her as the Paradigm Superyacht of our age.

By B. Roberts