Superyacht Big Fish: Exploring the World in Style

By Jim Norton

After spending a day traversing through the Arctic Archipelago or wakeboarding in the Caribbean, Big Fish is the perfect way for explorers to rest in comfort and style. This Gregory Marshall designed superyacht offers exciting expeditions in a state-of-the-art vessel that can travel to just about any destination in the world.

The adventurous spirit of the boat is reflected in its choice of maiden voyage; the polar circumnavigation was a historic cruise that demonstrated the superyacht’s robust capabilities and rugged endurance. Yet, the emphasis on designing a boat with the ability to cross the world’s oceans for months on end has not come at the expense of luxury.

Stepping aboard the boat reveals a modern and stylish interior that suits the sense of adventure that Big Fish encourages and allows those on board to explore in comfort. With a refreshingly simple design, each room has an emphasis on attractive functionality rather than overly decorative features. Neutral colours and wood panelled floors and walls give the interior an organic theme. In true adventurer style, the design of Big Fish lets the natural landscape outside provide the beauty with floor-to-ceiling windows in the salon, dining room, and master suite.

The standout features include an open air Jacuzzi that is the perfect setting to relax in after a hard work-out in the on-board gym. Or, for the owner needing some respite, the spacious master suite, located on the upper deck, provides superb views across the water. The need for companions is catered for with berths for eight guests and plenty of space to dine and entertain in the stylish salon.

Big Fish also boasts a 12m swim platform – the widest ever for a 45m yacht – that has space for the sporting toys that come with it, including laser sailing dinghies, windsurfs, and a custom luxury sport fishing tender. The overall theme is not lavish or over-indulgent, instead it has a contemporary style and a functional feel that suits the 'around-the-world' explorer style of the yacht.

The success of Big Fish has already been recognised having won ‘Most Innovative Yacht Design’ at the Asia Boating Awards and receiving a Judges Commendation at the World Superyacht Awards 2011. The awards surely acknowledge the unique selling point that Big Fish offers: a comfortable base with a contemporary feel for any adventurer looking to explore the world in style.

To watch our interview with Richard Beattie, Owner of Big Fish, at the Monaco Yacht Show: click here.

By Jim Norton
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