Superyacht Big Fish Prepares for Maiden Voyage

By B. Roberts

Shortly after launching in March this year, Superyacht Big Fish is now preparing for her maiden voyage later this month. Set to embark on a record breaking journey around the world.

Built by Auckland based custom yacht builder McMullen and Wing, Superyacht Big Fish has a long and exciting journey ahead of her. After recently undergoing a cultural Buddhist blessing ceremony, the eco-friendly superyacht Big Fish is preparing to travel to Tahiti in the next week or so, where she has 3 charters booked for this summer already.

From Tahiti, Big Fish will travel to Fort Lauderdale for a show appearance and in November she will leave for the Panama Canal, heading straight for Patagonia.

In January/February 2011, the 45m expedition yacht will be the only luxury yacht based in the Antarctic, offering unique fly-in, fly-out charters. Big Fish will be the only vessel offering the drop-off service in the area, which is important due to the extremely treacherous Drake Passage, alongside saving charter guests four days transit time.

From the Antarctic, the stunning and sturdy expedition yacht will head to the Amazon, then to the Caribbean and finally to the Arctic Sea next summer where she will attempt the first yacht crossing of the Northeast Passage over the top of Russia.

What remains special and exciting about M/Y Big Fish’s journey, is that when she returns by crossing the longitude and latitude of Auckland back in the Pacific, she will be the first vessel in history to complete a Polar Circumnavigation whilst crossing all lines of the meridian and entering both polar circles.

Big Fish offers accommodation for up to 10 guests in five cabins with a functional and contemporary exterior and interior design from Gregory C. Mashall Naval Architects. Her charter rate will be $200K a week and $350K per 10 days for the Antarctic, offering the most unique charter experience on the market.

We look forward to bringing you the updates on the voyage; however, Big Fish's charter journey will be logged on her own specialised map.

By B. Roberts