Superyacht Cartouche - First Blue Coast 95' Launched

By B. Roberts

The Blue Coast 95’ Catamaran ‘Cartouche’ was launched last Wednesday, marking the first superyacht in a collaboration between Blue Coast Yachts, Jean-Jacques Coste Designs and H2X Shipyards to hit the water after a record construction time of 14 months.

The construction of the 28.9m Cartouche was hailed by the Coste design team and its director, Jean-Jacque Coste, as a real success as the new owners proudly watch her hit the water for the very first time.

Launched in a record time of 14 months instead of the scheduled 18, Cartouche is the world’s largest vessel to be equipped with a furling boom, realized as a rotary wing mast and made with carbon fibre. Cartouche includes a simple and efficient sailing plan consisting of a self-tacking Solent, a Gennaker and an innovative and powerful mainsail of 234m2 from North Sails.

The naval architect and the builder were very happy to see their creation in water exactly as they had anticipated, saying “The boat is perfectly within his lines and trim, this is very satisfying, because we haven’t renounced to any element of comfort and Cartouche is fitted with the latest in equipment.”

Construction, fully managed by H2X, started in August 2009. “The first review of this project is very satisfying” added Maurice Klein, General Manager of H2X shipyard, “Through the project management and implementation of innovative processes, the quality of construction is at the highest standard and we can build a sister ship even faster if we are asked to.”

Superyacht Cartouche is a unique vessel, featuring a three-deck sloop design and stands proudly against some of the largest catamarans in the world, measuring 28.9m in length and 12m wide. Her sleek contemporary lines are accentuated by the anthracite metallic gray hull, a lacquered interior in gray tones with accentuated black and white tones.

Handling the Blue Coast 95 is simple and efficient, endowed with twin long, narrow hulls, offering maximum stability in adverse sea conditions and enhanced manoeuvrability due to a comprehensive hydraulic system.

By B. Roberts