Superyacht Industry Prepares For Monaco Yacht Show

By Ben Roberts

After landing in Monaco earlier this year, we attended the annual Monaco Yacht Show Summer Party, hosted by Informa Business. So, in preparation for the 2012 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, we asked the event’s organisers and industry representatives for their views on the upcoming show.

The organizers of the 2012 MYS are aiming to attract new visitors to the show this year by increasing the quality of hosting service and meeting the needs of every exhibitor. With this in mind, the Monaco Yacht Show has introduced the Upper Deck Lounge, a tangible project developed for client meetings.

“The Monaco Yacht Show is considered by the industry to be the world leader in superyachting,” notes Johan Pizzardini, Media Director of The Monaco Yacht Show. “Obviously we have that pressure on us to make the show better every year. For this year we have decided to go a step forward again … we have introduced a new strategy to bring new people to the Monaco Yacht Show because our exhibitors expect that from us.”

Gaëlle Tallarida, Managing Director of the Monaco Yacht Show managed to shed some light on the new strategy. “We are pleased to see the yacht show is already full. We’ve got 500 exhibitors, 100 yachts and around 14 new launches so we’re very excited about having all of you at the show this year. For the Monaco Yacht Show this year, the new project is a big upper deck lounge which is for welcoming all the exhibitors; allowing them to have private meetings in a very nice and calm environment in the heart of the yacht show.”

“Of course this year will be very important as it is a unique opportunity to show what we’ve done in the past,” says Cyril Le Sourd, Marketing Director of CMN. “What we would like to do in the future and I hope we have a lot of visitors and hope this market will crank up again so hopefully I’ll be welcoming a lot of new faces, a lot of new potential clients to show them what is CMN and what other yachts we can deliver.”

We may be two months away, but with the show already filled and exhibitors maintaining optimism about the next few months - the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet.

By Ben Roberts