Superyacht Matrix Rose: Stylish Sophistication

By Christina Tsangaris

Sterling Yacht’s 1986 motor yacht Matrix Rose, measuring 44.96m (147’6"ft), benefited from a luxurious refit in 2016, showcasing a Pininfarina interior to match the bold traditionalism of its exterior by Jon Bannenberg. Today it is warm and inviting, contemporary yet classic, offering a life on board of luxury that is unrivaled.

A truly global collaboration, the Japanese-built Matrix Rose, is a superyacht in its own league, showcasing Italian quality with an interior styled to sophistication by Pininfarina. Staple for the Italian deisgner; it is lavish yet understated, offering the ultimate comfort for life on the water.

Its circular windows appear throughout pouring in natural light and offering ocean views that stretch on for miles. Transcending the interior into a sun-drenched sanctuary, it feels as connected to the outdoors as one could desire on board. 

Its modern yet traditional furnishings; dashes of mahogany against a sharp white color palette, offer a feeling of homeliness with a welcomed update. From its majestic spot lighting and premium leather seating, to its rich mahogany elevator that blends in seamlessly; it a yacht fashioned for living in style.  

In many ways its character is unique, one addition that distinguishes it so is the stunning art-deco piece by Parisian artist Tamara de Lempicka named ‘Young Lady with Gloves’, adding a splash of artisan glamour to a soft and neutral living space. 

Currently on the brokerage market, Matrix Rose is available for sale through Merle Wood & Associates with interior insight photography by 

By Christina Tsangaris
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