Superyacht Pegaso Renamed Naia

By Ben Roberts

Since her launch in Vigo, Spain in 2011, this impressive 73m expedition superyacht has enjoyed an exciting career on the water; however, after emerging from her winter maintenance period, Pegaso has been renamed Naia and is performing like new.

Built to a customised blueprint by H2 Yacht Design and available for charter with YPI, Naia (ex Pegaso) acts as a luxury research vessel for oceanographic study and conservation.

Naia is equipped with a custom built 9m long submarine, located in her 150 metre square hangar, which allows six people to dive up to 165m into the blue abyss. Not only does this luxury yacht hold a custom built submarine, but it uses its vast size to house a separate 328 square metre area dedicated to scientific equipment and a separate laboratory.

By Ben Roberts