Superyacht Phantasma: A Taste of the Orient

By Christina Tsangaris

The stunning 28.65m Phantasma, a custom-built jewel by Nordlund Boat Company in 2003 offers a transcendent interior by Alexander Design to escape in a rich and alluring living space full of decedent comfort.

Its exterior by Tim Nolan Marine Design, sharp and clean and stunningly sleek for its size, is one to be reckoned with. Thus it is only natural, such a bold interior would follow, from a British favorite that furnishes a vibrant aesthetic; a neutral color palette, lashings of metallic and accents of gold throughout. 

It is warm and inviting, evidenced by its array of golden hues and mirrored furniture that accentuate space contrasting with oriental printed seating. Its unique fusion of contemporary luxury and international flavor give this small but sultry superyacht a feeling of escapism and intimacy. 

Welcoming up to six guests in three suites, its lavish blend of soft cream carpets, deep rich oak and contemporary spotlighting flood the space with a soft amethyst glow offering an ambience unrivaled.

Phantasma is currently available for sale through Northrop & Johnson with interior insight photography by

By Christina Tsangaris