Superyacht Project Cosmos: A Gateway to the Galaxy

By Christina Tsangaris

The 90-metre Cosmos superyacht project, a new design collaboration between Luiz DeBasto and Oceanco, is an immersion into nature. On board the outside world merges with the interior to create a new universe of luxury and serenity; capturing the very essence of sailing the great beyond.

When discovering the motivation behind Project Cosmos, it is hard not to be won over by the concept. Striving for its guests to be "in touch with nature", its ability to immerse one into the outdoors is evidenced spectacularly by an unrivalled design, one that stays true to this concept; from the exterior profile to the minute details of its interior.

Tireless research resulted in Luiz DeBasto's creation of a glass dome, providing a luxurious flexible space completely covering the upper deck, appropriately named the Sky Deck Luiz DeBasto comments on the security of an interior whilst also being close to outdoors, something inevitably desired by yacht design but rarely mastered. 

"This provides an interesting tension between being adventurous and being safe", says Luiz DeBasto. "The glass dome, while it looks simple, is extremely complex in order to comply with all the regulations".

A project so complex in fact, that the Oceanco engineering department analyzed the structure rigorously in order to guarantee its feasibility. This unique design creates a new experience entirely on board, both day and night, offering a large space with an open layout that can be adapted to the owner's wishes.

The glass is UV protected and can be dimmed or colored to enhance any desired mood. On the outside the dome looks like it's floating above the hull, a vision to behold. The structural elements, in addition to support the beautiful glass dome, are angled forward to allow better visibility and for a dynamic profile. As much about its aesthetic as its experience, Project Cosmos is just the out of world experience one could desire.  

The renderings also show a social approach to design, evidenced in its multi-purpose room with a piano Bar, seating areas and tables. This sense of luxe social space and tailored adaptation distinguishes the spectacular partnership between the shipyard and design icon, one that solely on its approach, confronts some of the deepest desires of an oweners experience on board. 


By Christina Tsangaris
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