Superyacht Silver Angel: Gatsby Style for a New Era

By Christina Tsangaris

We take a step back in time exploring the visual allure of the 65-metre M/Y 'Silver Angel’ discovering just what makes this 2009 Benetti such an astonishing contender in the world of superyacht interiors.

When defining  the allure of ocean living; Silver Angel seems to make itself known. Demonstrating a dazzling living space with the lifestyle to match, she is believed to have taken influence by the Gatsby era, with an Art Deco interior offering all the lavish glamour and sophistication one could imagine. Where cocktail hours trail into the early morning, and parties echo from its walls, Argent Design interior encapsulates this notion entirely, giving its Benetti built stature a run for its money. 

Jaw-dropping by nature, Silver Angel is as powerful in volume as it is in vision. Leading her guests into an accomodation for 12 across its 65m space, Silver Angel showcases a contemporary glitz that feels both fresh and invititing. From its spacious master suite, to its adjacent private gym, steam bath and massage room, it is clear this vessel is built for glamour and relaxation as well as endless entertainment. 

Dense black veneer contrasts white lashings of marble, whilst Lalique crystal bursts offers the roaring 20's with a lavish revamp- feeling contemporary and livable whilst full of character. Her glitzy mix of monochrome and dazzling sense of space is amplified by mirroring, reflecting what is already a bright and fresh place to call home. Throw in countless glass-topped furnishings, and plenty of metallic-greys, it is sultry and feminine with all the comfort of home.

Naval architect Stefano Natucci has executed a range of features here equally as comendable; silhouettes that curve and lull throughout which support this sense of space and fluidity-two vital components of design. This sense of seamlessness failes to stop here. 

Its cocktail bar tucked in a sumptous corner, its jaw-dropping jacuzzi and its travertino sun area welcome nights of entertainment, endless dry-martini's and sun-kissed afternoons. Back into its cosy inside; stunning ornaments, mink-coloured throws and glistening cushions prove it has been styled with detail in mind, attempting, and succeeding in transcending time through design. 

By Christina Tsangaris
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