holds Maybach Celebration in Miami

By P. Joseph and luxury car maker Maybach teamed up to host a lavish event in Miami last week, where an array of glamorous guests threatened to be upstaged by the appearance of three opulent cars.

The party, which was hosted by’s Shari Liu, Alejandro Grimaldi, nightclub impresario Eric Milon and his wife Stacy, took place at a stunning home owned by Tom Sullivan located on the exclusive Palm Island in Miami Beach.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the house was brimming with over 100 guests from across Miami's social and cultural scenes who had come to enjoy an evening of indulgence - but whose expectations were blown away by the arrival of three magnificent Maybach cars.

Visitors were invited to step inside the decadent automobiles and sample their immaculate interiors. Lisa Holladay of Maybach was on hand to ensure everything went smoothly,

Also adding to the occasion were luxury boat builder J-Craft, and the magnum 70 motorboat, supplied by Theodoli Marine Group and currently for sale.

Meanwhile Armand de Brignac Champagne and Giorgio Vodka kept visitors refreshed throughout.

Several prominent names were in attendance including high-end home builders Dana and Garry Shear, owner of Armand de Brignac Champagne Barry Berish, owner of J-Craft Johan Attvik, fashion designer Rene Ruiz, and Aspen art collectors Karen and Courtney Lord.

Visitors arrived at 6.30pm for a catered buffer dinner before mingling by the pool, dockside and driveway, against a backdrop of four yachts bobbing in the ocean, including the home owner’s beautiful Pershing.

By P. Joseph