Host Cannes Film Festival Party with Stefan Johansson

By B. Roberts proudly teamed up with racing legend Stefan Johansson and renwowned jeweller Mohamed Shawesh last night to host a glamorous yacht party at the Cannes Film Festival.

Taking place on the charismatic yacht SnowbirD, the party saw the launch of the former F1 champion’s new luxury watch range.

With the Cannes Film Festival still in full swing, and Stefan Johansson welcomed scores of glamorous guests aboard the spacious and uniquely designed superyacht SnowbirD, docked in the famed Old Port of Cannes.

Hosted by’s Shari Liu, Stefan Johansson, Formula One legend, David Ostrander, Owner of Iluminus Design Group, and Mohamed Shawesh, Owner of Shawish Jewellery, the event served as the perfect platform for guests to enjoy the atmosphere of the yacht with a glass of Moet & Chandon, Belvedere Vodka or SnowbirD Punch and take in a showcase of truly breath-taking jewellery.

Stefan Johansson’s new luxury watch range was the main attraction of the evening, presenting a display of some of the finest new signature Swiss timepieces throughout the yacht; such as the remarkably designed Mark VIII E sported by Stefan himself.

Stefan Johansson also hosted a prestigious lottery as the evening went on; offering each guest a ticket as they boarded SnowbirD which presented the chance to win a brand-new Stefan Johansson watch.

Five beautiful models paraded around the party displaying the truly magnificent jewellery of Mohamed Shawesh – allowing the ninety-odd guests onboard to view his stunning haute jewellery up close as well as discuss the designs with Mohamed himself.

At the event, Mohamed Shawesh informed us of his ground-breaking new project; the world’s first ever 150 carat all-diamond ring. Made from one solid diamond stone, the astonishing laser cut and polished ring is expected to fetch around £43,000,000.

As champagne flowed, appetisers circulated and music thrummed across the three luxurious decks of SnowbirD, guests mingled and discussed the latest premiers, best movies, highlights of the festival and the fantastic yacht itself as the sun began to go down on Cannes.

The evening hosted aboard SnowbirD with Stefan Johansson and was a highly successful event and presented a wealth of people with the opportunity to truly enjoy the night life of the Cannes Film Festival on one of the most impressive yachts in the South of France.

By B. Roberts