Launches Discover Charter Search

By Ben Roberts has launched the brand-new Discover Charter Search pages for potential charter guests across the world. By utilizing the simple and effective new search engine, coupled with our new Lifestyle focus, is bringing luxury yacht charter to a whole new market.

Launched in conjunction with our newly headed Lifestyle pages, the Discover Charter Search is the definitive new tool to help first time charter guests or repeat charter clients find the perfect luxury get away.

Our objective is to not only allow people the opportunity to effortlessly build their perfect charter break by using our charter search engine and comprehensive charter listings, but draw in a new market of potential charter clients from our new Lifestyle pages who already enjoy the finer things in life.

By using specifically designed widgets and links, affluent aficionados will be lead throughout the site from our lifestyle pages to the charter search; bringing in new and elite visitors who may be unaware of what the modern charter market has to offer.

These elite travellers who are interested in the fastest cars, finest champagnes, impeccable watches and other sections within our Lifestyle pages may not have encountered superyacht charter before; our aim being to direct this new market of luxury connoisseurs from these Lifestyle pages to the new Discover Charter Search.

If we can interest readers and provoke them into asking questions and inquiring about elements of charter holidays they may not quite understand, we are making the first step toward introducing a new key demographic to the charter market.

One of the truly unique points of chartering a luxury yacht is experiencing the unbridled freedom of the ocean and traversing across the seas to explore some of the world’s most amazing destinations. By using this search engine, charter guests can search by any region in the world; whether it be revelling in the tranquil blue waters of the Caribbean or exploring the farthest reaches of Antarctica.

Searching by Season, dates and times can also help define the search for the perfect vacation, allowing charterers to find a yacht which suits their schedule. has also integrated a new feature in to the Discover Charter Search; an option which allows potential charter guests to search through yachts using a price per head model.

By introducing a new market of potential clients to a price per head search option, we are providing a clear price guide for those elite travellers who may be unaware charter yachts cater for groups of eight, ten, twelve or above.

The benefit of offering a simple price per head guide is that we are giving potential charterers the ability to indirectly compare and relate luxury yacht charter to other elite holidays, such as renting a luxury ski chalet or celebrating something important on board a luxury cruise liner. By offering that comparison, we are allowing potential charter guests to make the informed decision to join forces with family or friends in order to book a week of private, exclusive and blissful cruising on board a superyacht.

The price per head given is a calculation reached by dividing low season rates by a yacht’s full accommodation – offering a clear and simple price guide of the starting cost for each person when chartering the whole yacht.

Our new Discover Charter Search is just one of many initiatives that will connect a brand-new market of individuals to the world of luxury yachting; increasing the accessibility of the process and generating feedback in the form of leads, inquiries and questions. We are aiming to evoke a response from our new market and act as a conduit to present inquiries to the relevant brokers; however, as always, the responsibility remains with the brokerage community to turn a lead into a long-term client.

Alongside all of this, we have re-designed our entire charter and brokerage listing pages - making the comprehensive listings cleaner, more accessible and easier to utilize in regards to contacting brokers.

In a week of new launches for, we recommend you keep your eyes on the site for the coming months of 2011.

By Ben Roberts