Our Favourite Insights from 2016

By Ben Roberts

This year has given us the opportunity to travel the world and deliver updates surrounding luxury yachting lifestyle like never before. With so many insights to choose from thanks to our supporters and a busy film team, we're providing a quick recap of our favourite moments from across 2016.

The Top 100 Movie 2016
Every year, presents a forecast of the largest yachts to enter the water. This list of yachts - pre-delivery and beyond - shapes the Top 100 as we know it. In 2016, not only did we forecast a fantastic array of yachts, but journeyed the world speaking with their builders, designers and brokers for the insight behind the Top 100 Movie.

The 2016 American Market Feature
We’ve been following American market activity closely since our first re-emergence feature back in Miami 2014. Since then, it has been a huge joy to travel stateside and deliver our informative releases surrounding the activity across America, speaking with industry experts at each Miami and Fort Lauderdale Boat Shows.

BVI InDepth
Created to promote the British Virgin Islands as a superyacht destination, the inaugural edition of InDepth takes readers on a captivating journey through the islands’ myriad attractions, both natural and man-made. Proudly launched at the Monaco Yacht Show, InDepth is's first move into print and a publication free for all to read in the link above.

The Monaco Yacht Show Breaking News Centre
Our Round Up of Monaco is something that we continually try to best each year, as is our dedication to bringing you each and every angle of insight possible from the hub of expertise that is the Monaco Yacht Show. Reaching 72 interviews over the four days of the 2016 MYS was no easy feat, but we would not have achieved this without our sponsors, guests and interviewees at the Breaking News Centre village.

America's Cup: BWA Superyacht Programme
Hosting journalists in Leicester Square, London for an exclusive cinema screening to show our BWA Superyacht Programme movie was a highlight of the year. Welcoming names from across America’s Cup, Bermuda Tourism and CEO of BWA Stefano Tositti himself for a Q&A with guests and cocktails after. Interviews of 2016
Each and every interview set delivered by across 2016, as well as before and beyond, has been both a joy and a feat of no small measure to achieve.

Travelling across the world this year alone, we’ve delivered insights from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Monaco, ChinaItaly and Montenegro with people such as HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco, to rockstars such as Simon Le Bon and the Blue Marine Foundation. It’s been an incredible year with well over 100 interviews on our roster, with many more to come over 2017.

By Ben Roberts