's Most Read Articles of 2020

By Jenna Mehdi

2020 is drawing to a close, and to say it has been an eventful year would be an understatement. We take a look at our most read articles of 2020 for a quick reminder of the most impactful updates in the last year of yachting...

1. Espen Oeino on Ownership Trends & 282m NJORD 
In May this year DIV shipbuilding group announced a contract had been signed to build the ‘world’s largest private residence yacht’, the 282m NJORD. Exterior designer Espen Oeino shared exclusive insight into whether the mammoth project is symbolic of larger trends in superyacht ownership, drawing comparisons with the 182m REV superyacht as well as ride-hailing app Uber. 

2. Exclusive: Sorgiovanni Designs & Echo Yachts Unveil 105m Trimaran
Earlier in May we heard exciting news from down under as Sorgiovanni, Echo Yachts and One2Three Naval Architects launched the 105m trimaran project TSY105. Shattering stigma around trimaran and multihull projects, the 105m superyacht builds on the outstanding success of 84m White Rabbit to include an efficient hull design, a massage parlour, beauty salon and IMAX cinema. 

3. Largest Superyacht of 2020: 142m Opus Begins Sea Trials
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the largest superyacht to be launched this year made our third most popular headline of 2020. With images courtesy of yacht photographer Dr Duu, Opus (who has since been renamed NORD) was spotted embarking upon her first sea trials in the North Sea. The news marked the officiating of the long-awaited 142m Lurssen, announced at the Monaco Yacht Show by Moran Yacht & Ship back in 2015 as Project Redwood. 

4. REV Ocean CEO Nina Jensen on Pioneering Ocean Conservation
Confirming the industry’s engagement not only with large superyachts but the strides being made in the field of sustainability, our interview with REV Ocean CEO Nina Jensen certainly captured readers’ attention. Sharing intriguing insight into the ways in which REV Ocean is offsetting the carbon footprint of the 182.6m vessel’s build and operation, Nina also told us about some of the many sustainable initiatives already underway at the organisation. 

5. 110m Kaos (ex Jubilee) Redelivered by Lurssen After Major Refit
Lurssen Yachts made the headlines again in early November, this time for its burgeoning refit department as one of the most iconic yachts on the water left its Blohm + Voss shed with a new name and look. The 110m Oceanco-built Kaos (ex Jubilee) saw major modifications made to her main and bridge deck by exterior designer Sam Sorgiovanni, with Reymond Langton upgrading her interior where the majority of changes were made.

By Jenna Mehdi
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