Susanne Wiegand of Nobiskrug Discusses a New 140m

By Ben Roberts

German shipyard Nobiskrug currently boast one yacht in the Top 100, but next year that number will double.

Speaking to us at the recent Top 100 event at The May Fair hotel in London, Susanne Wiegand, Managing Director of Nobiskrug confirmed that the new 140-metre is due to launch in 2015.

We began by asking Ms Wiegand what the Top 100 forecast means for her, and also her thoughts about the press workshops taking place that day.

I think it’s a very good event,” she said. “We appreciate it very much. We have the chance to present ourselves and to do lots of meetings with the most important representatives of the media.

“It’s very efficient, you just go room by room. It’s a perfect organisation and I think the Top 100 is really what drives us in the industry. Everybody goes bigger after the crisis, the clients don’t go for 40, 50 or 60 metre boats. Everything is growing bigger and this is a very good development for us also.

So what are the chances of Nobiskrug getting a yacht into the Top 100 next year?

“As always in this industry things are always confidential,” she said, “but some are aware that we have a vessel under construction which I think will be in the top 5, 6 or 7 – I don’t know exactly – but it’s larger than 140 metres so I think it will end up definitely in the Top 100 and we will bring it into the water next year (2015)”.

What’s the most exciting part about a big yacht project?

“I think to translate the very special requirements and wishes of the client and also the ideas from the designers, the feature and the uses of the material into technical solutions,” she said.

“At the end of the day what counts if not just that the yacht looks nice and is delivered in budget and on time but that it is safe. It must work, it must function, you have to guarantee and ensure that the people have a good working environment.

“Also thinking about the crew on a yacht and I think nobody can afford a disaster or an accident or something that can happen, so we have to build the yachts under the strictest rules and requirements, we have to be compliant with these rules which makes lots of sense, and to translate these creative ideas, the designs, the features, into a reliable, safe, technical solutions.”

You can watch the full video interview with Susanne Wiegand above this article.

By Ben Roberts
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