S/Y Spiip - CNB 86 designed by Philippe Briand

By B. Roberts

Spiip (CNB 86) was designed by Philippe Briand and built by CNB; the aluminium superyacht follows in the path of the previous CNB “deck salon family” such as the Grand Bleu Vintage (CNB 95) the CNB 105 and Hamilton II (CNB 117).

Spiip is a magnificent sailing yacht that was launched in late October 2009 with naval architect Philippe Briand stating “Performance, comfort, elegance directed the design of this new aluminium 86' developed for an experienced customer”.

She holds cutting edge performance enhancing design elements such as an almost vertical bow and hull sides for fast beating, a generous 400sqm upwind sail area to enhance speed and performance on the water as well as having the cockpit located for a more comfortable ride at sea or at mooring.

Her aft suite is kept for the owners and the 2 guest cabins are located on each side of the deck salon, while the bow is dedicated to crew. CNB have added the Spiip to the deck salon family and have kept its unique, light and harmonious styling.

Spiip holds many elements that all add to its unique charm, features such as a low free board inside and a giant squirrel on the sail. Interestingly, Spiip holds a chair next to the cockpit dedicated and designed for the owners wife who is ‘very fond of reading’ which boasts increased comfort and a handy glove box in the arm.

The sleek and speedy exterior is matched inside by interior designer Jean-Marc Piaton, offering a Mediterranean feel with a light and airy design that works with the yachts overall design to enhance a pleasant and care-free cruise.

Photos by Nicolas Claris

By B. Roberts
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