SYM: Transforming Demand into Cutting-Edge Design

By Ben Roberts

In the midst of growth within the SuperYachtsMonaco team, a new collaboration was born with Roberto Curto of RC Design. The 101m RC design came to the fore weeks before the Monaco Yacht Show, and on the docks last week, we caught up with Jim Evans and Roberto Curto to discuss designing for demand in the 100-metre plus market.

The innovative yet practical design of the RC101 brings new ideas to the yachting market, with a focus on fun and experience on board. Built into the aft superstructure is a waterslide, just one of the many features on board that address the needs of the owner, that Roberto Curto can tell us about.

“This collaboration started because we tried to match the request for the owners and Jim was supporting our studio to create a product which treats the needs of the owner,” explains Roberto Curto. “So we put our creativity and our knowledge to create something that people is asking to Jim, so we try to make more space more privacy in the owner cabin, put some more fun in the use of the boat, so we introduced this water slide which is the main feature. The way we connected the two decks is a new way to walk on the boat […] there are a lot of features to enjoy the life on board.”

The RC101 is just one of the designs on the board of Roberto Curtos and the team at RC Design, but the collaboration in question is creating solutions for the markets in focus for SuperYachtsMonaco.

“Obviously the demand for very large yachts, and when say very large yachts - 100-metre and 100-metre plus - has been strong in the last five years,” adds Jim Evans. “We don’t feel so confident in the enormous market - the 150-metre plus market - but we think that we’re perfectly pitched in the 100m market.”

Partnering with a design studio to immediately translate the demand in that market, is a new school of thought, and one that is creating new solutions with huge appeal to the market which SuperYachtsMonaco has in its scope.

Watch the video above for more information on the collaboration and the markets which the both brokerage and designer are catering for.

By Ben Roberts