Tankoa Provides In-Depth Update On S693 Yacht

By Ben Roberts

After announcing the official sale of the Tankoa S693 in March, the Italian shipyard has provided us with a construction update; and things seem to be moving quickly in Genova.

This week the yard has reported that the construction of the 69.3m is ahead of its production schedule by almost two weeks.

According to the yard, her new stainless steel built transom has been completed; faring on the hull and superstructure is 85% complete; exterior decks are being levelled; piping and wiring are both in progress; the sound and vibration insulation are in process; interior manufacturers are working on board and the final interior décor has received the green light.

On a more technical aspect, and further to the redesign of the aft section of the project, Architect Vincenzo Ruggiero went again to Vienna Tank Testing Facility to validate the design of the aft part of the extended hull.

Extensive tank testing have shown excellent results considering S693 will need 200 kW less power to run its cruising speed of 15 knots. This is a great achievement due to sharp design of the lengthening of the running surface.

Owner's requests had been received loud and clear by Francesco Paszkowski. Her interiors will be modern, but warm and inviting using only noble and natural materials. Circulation onboard was to be made easy by wide passages and crew was to be able to perform their tasks without interfering with guests’ privacy. According to the owner, a very knowledgeable yachtsman, this task has been 100% achieved.

Exterior Details
Guests will be able to board the yacht either from the swimming platform, via the lateral tender garages, by the gangway or the hydraulic Royal ladder.

When boarding from the platform, they will access the interior walking trough the magnificent “Beach Club” equipped with saloon, large TV screen, bar, day head, shower, massage room, sauna and hammam, both with direct access to the sea, thanks to their fold out terraces.

The “Beach Club” is all dressed in washed teak panels, while the back wall is entirely made of slate. In the center of that wall, a central staircase leads directly to the main deck and its reception area.

From the gangway, guests will discover an oversized lounge. The owner being very attentive to the well being of his family and numerous friends wanted this space generous. Around 20 people will be able to take place on the aft deck sofas.

From the tender garage, where toys and the two 7,50 meter tenders will be stored, a door allows to access the beach club.
From the side Royal ladder, guests will find an even wider space amidship on starboard side and a massive glass window allowing access to the main lobby, the interior stairwell and the main elevator, S693 being equipped with two elevators.

Interior Details
S693 has been designed and engineered to offer the upmost comfort. From the aft deck, access to the interior is not made by usual aft automatic sliding doors - that constantly opens and closes when people are moving on the aft deck - but through lateral sliding glass doors.

Guests will therefore arrive in a real winter garden, entirely surrounded by glass walls. Here, the atmosphere and decor will offer a nice transition between outdoor space and interior space.

Decoration was very inspired by Japanese houses, with greens, floor to ceiling windows and slate floors. The bar, with its airplane wing shaped portion is an eye blink to the owner's taste for everything that flies. This entire area will in fact have three functions. It will be used as a meeting/rest space flooded by natural light but still under air, as a social area with its gorgeous designed bar or as a true reception area where the chief stew will literally act as a concierge.

Further to the front is the main saloon the owner wanted to be actually a true family/TV room. The U shaped sofa is surmounted by a library. Including the armchairs, over 16 people will be able to watch latest blockbusters on the 80 inches screen recessed in a black stone wall. Further to the front, the 16 people dining table is centrally located and benefits huge floor to ceiling windows too. On the saloon side, the partition wall is highlighted with a fish tank while the fore bulkhead is a giant wine display created by Paszkowski.

The owner deck is entirely devoted to crew members who are benefiting particular attention to volume and ease of work including TV room, rest area and crew mess. On that deck, two lateral doors open directly to the sea. On one side, it allows loading of provisions directly into the cold room space while on the other side, crew will be able to board the vessel without interfering with the guests. This deck also hosts a professional grade galley that was designed by a team of yachts’Chef and one of Italian most renowned restaurateur.

The upper deck is basically divided in two sections. The fore part is entirely devoted to the owner's apartment with study/library, bathroom with his and her toilets, wardrobe and the cabin itself which floor is elevated to offer a 180 degree view from the king size bed.

Click here for an interview with Francesco Paszkowski on the 69 metre project.

By Ben Roberts
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