Tankoa S501 Superyacht Project Edges Closer to Launch

By Ben Roberts

The Tankoa S501 superyacht project is underway in Genoa. After the first S501 was sold in February 2015, and with delivery now set for April 2017, the Tankoa build team offers up an insight into how this 50 metre work in progress is shaping up to be yet another defining project for the yard.

Guido Orsi, President of Tankoa, commented on the progression of a project which is breaking boundaries in terms of layout and quality in design; “I have the utmost respect for Francesco Paszkowski for his significant contribution to making Italian yacht design recognized by the best around the world. With S501, he pushed all the limits of design and aesthetic purity way beyond anything you can find on any other fifty metre.”

The project, which is now coming together to build that very picture of purity, was built to stand as a beautiful yacht under 500GRT. The level of detail, both outside and in - with interiors by Margherita Casprini - come with new ideas and redefinitions of classic yachting tropes.

Albert McIlroy, the Owner’s representative who has built a number of yachts in Holland, also commented on the development; “I followed the construction of the first delivered Tankoa Yacht, the 69.30m Suerte. This was a very large yacht for a first, but it was backed by the limitless experience of Tankoa’s managers and technical office.”

This being said, it was a challenging experience as we were working with a very tight contractual delivery schedule. With S501, the shipyard has greatly improved their time schedule management and operation processes and they truly have a Teutonic approach that leaves me speechless for an Italian builder.

I can say that having supervised the construction of many yachts in Holland, not only the work pace and productivity at Tankoa are superiors but it is also probably the first time I see a yacht that size where the production schedule is fully respected without altering the incredible flexibility Tankoa starts being known for.”

With an innovative layout, lateral fold out terraces, floor to ceiling windows, 7 metre tender garage and huge exterior spaces, the Tankoa S501 is definitely a project to keep an eye on on the run up to April 2017 given the success of superyacht Suerte.

By Ben Roberts
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