Techtonic Discuss Designing for Superyacht Chefs

By B. Roberts

Having been recently commissioned to create the galley and laundry areas on a 68m superyacht, we speak to Techtonic Design to find out how the world’s finest marine kitchens are created.

When we think of modern yacht design, we conjure up images of elegant and groundbreaking exterior styles, sweeping lines and interiors unrivalled in luxury; however, there is another vital dimension to yacht design.

Andy Stewart is the Principal Designer of Techtonic Design, a Swedish-company which custom-designs superyacht kitchens for the world’s finest chefs and crew amenities to keep both the crew and owners happy.

When asked what specialist Chefs Techtonic caters for, Andy commented, “In general the chefs come from restaurant or hotel backgrounds and many have worked at the top of their profession ashore; however the final design and requirements of the kitchen very much depends on the client’s geographical background and those culinary influences. This also has to be balanced against the needs of the yacht especially a charter yacht where a full range of dinners will be catered for.”

“Of course the Chefs that are employed need a platform from which they can express there talents,” Andy continues. “So we have provided sushi bars, custom pizza ovens and tandoori ovens, all dependant on what the client needs. Yacht owners understand that if they are paying somebody, they want the best food, and for that their chefs need restaurant-quality kitchens; however they also want something that makes a statement about their lifestyle and the unique yacht they own.”

Andy Stewart was once employed as superyacht chef, alongside boasting a wealth of experience in hospitality and catering design, industrial product design and estate management – producing high-quality works for French ski chalets before moving on to superyachts.

Not only does Techtonic Design produce high-quality designs for superyacht kitchens, but Andy Stewart also works on the vital crew-areas that can be found in the best yachts in the world.

“Crew social area’s are under hot debate in the industry at the moment.” Andy explains. “Crew social spaces are about to go through an overdue change with the new manning and accommodation regulations. The true value of this may not be apparent for a few years, but the yachts built to these standards are certainly going to attract the best crew, as there is a chance to break the traditional mould, especially on the larger vessels.”

The 68m superyacht Techtonic has been commissioned to design for is due to start construction with a German yard, Andy tells us, “This Marine Kitchen features a full compliment of professional refrigeration and cooking equipment built to gastronorm standards. The cooking area is replete with two steam convection ovens, a six-point cooking top, a fryer, ribbed griddle, salamander and heated cabinets.”

By B. Roberts