Ten New Units Under Construction at Arcadia Yachts

By Anna Solomon

2019 has started with a bang for Arcadia Yachts, who have announced ten new units under construction at their facility. The Italian shipyard have made significant overhauls in their production layout, signifying a strong year ahead.

For the first time ever, Arcadia are able to have seven yachts at any one time in the hull-fitting phase of construction. Their expanded production technique also means that they are able to fit four units in the lamination stage. At the moment, there are two A85, two A105, one A115 and three Sherpa yachts under construction. Despite this, the shipyard is only using 60% of its capacity, so we can expect even greater things to come.

In less than 10 years of operation, Arcadia have successfully delivered approximately 30 yachts to their owners. Sole Director, Ugo Pellegrino, elaborated on the next step: “Over the next few years, our organisation will concentrate on the new Range and on improved distribution capacity on the one hand, and on a new production strategy on the other. In addition to making the production site more efficient in terms of delivery times, the new strategy will also allow us to meet our Owners’ customisation requests better and better.

The shipyard always have an on-spec deck and hull ready for construction for every model that they produce, a decision that reveals both their financial strength and the assurance that they have in their product. It is also a practical arrangement for prospective owners, as it considerably reduces delivery time. Finally, this measure falls in line with the yard’s boutique philosophy of both staying ahead of the the curve construction-wise, and also leaving owners ample choice regarding style and characteristics.

Optimising space at the Arcadia facility has doubled the room dedicated to after-sale activities. This means that owners can rely on them for wintering and maintenance operations, with this percentage set to rise with the shipyard’s investments in facilities. Arcadia are certainly on to watch in 2019, and we look forward to seeing the culmination of their next ten models.

By Anna Solomon
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