The 27th Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show Round Up

By Ben Roberts

The 27th edition of the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show opened it’s doors on the 12th February and welcomed visitors to a showcase of America’s finest yachts available for sale and charter. With the doors to the show now well and truly closed, we take a look at the goings on across Collins Avenue and Watson Island.

The in-water display covers more than 1.2 million square feet of space over a mile-long strip of Indian Creek Waterway, featuring hundreds of new and pre-owned vessels valued at more than a billion dollars.

Even though the 27th show held a number of empty berths, this display of inventory is a sign of burgeoning health within the US brokerage market and the effects surrounding regions such as Mexico and South America have on the sector.

Speculative theories around the empty berths all focus on the increased activity in the region, or to put it simply, boats are selling. This pairs with another theory that revolves around the dwindling interest some owners have toward bringing their yachts to certain shows; however, wherever the truth lays, the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show can be seen as either a result or contributing factor to the US re-emergence.

Highlights of the show included the new Palmer Johnson’s Supersport, La Pellegrina, Lady Lara, Skyfall, Skyfall II, Step One, Allegria, Odessa and Themis. These yachts acted as a flagship fleet to an armada of yachts at the show which kept a consistent pedigree from smaller boats to superyachts. celebrated the 27th edition of the show with selected partners by hosting two events last week; a lavish evening at the Regalia and a sophisticated night on board La Pellegrina - the second largest yacht at the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show - with Denison Superyacht Division. Follow the hyperlinks for a closer look at Miami’s luxurious nightlife.

By Ben Roberts