The 460EXP-128: Global Adventure Meets Italian Style

By Ben Roberts

The famed exploration fleet of Sanlorenzo has grown this week with the launch of the latest 460EXP '128', the fourth in the series and sistership to the globally-capable Moka.

Dubbed the ‘460Exp-128’, this luxury yacht heads a fleet of four models currently under construction at the shipyard in La Spezia; offering owners the opportunity to cruise the far-flung reaches of the world in total comfort.

The 460EXP range merges luxury yachting and adventure, and at only 460 tonnes and measuring 42.2-metres, this new arm to the builder’s portfolio brings toys, experiences and year-round adventure to owner’s entering, or exploring, the luxury yacht market.

One of the most notable perks of the 460EXP is the autonomy, which makes it possible to travel more than 5000 miles, reaching unusual destinations, while offering responsible waste disposal and huge storerooms for long distances.

The rugged, yet deceptively stylish design, is a hint at the efforts behind the project; bringing ample space, true luxury and flawless lifestyle facilities for either the Mediterranean or the Arctic.

Over the last few years Sanlorenzo Superyacht, which focuses on the construction of metal models exceeding 40 metres, has grown significantly with tremendous production volumes: 21 superyachts have already been built and 15 are currently under construction.

We look forward to bringing you more on the onward journey of the Sanlorenzo 460EXP-128, and the gradual evolution of the adventure yacht range as more details emerge.

By Ben Roberts
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