The Best Superyacht Concepts of 2019

By George Bains

At the forefront of innovation and creativity worldwide, the superyacht industry continues to deliver ground-breaking designs of the next generation. Design studios and shipyards across the industry share a drive to take on ever more challenging projects, leading to exciting concepts that stir the imagination. We handpick some of the most forward-thinking and inspiring designs that have come to light over 2019.


Where better to start than the blueprint for the world’s largest ever superyacht?

At beginning of the year Chulhun Park, now Chief Designer of Latitude Yachts, spoke to about his gigantic 229m concept, Valkyrie. To say that this concept is unconventional is an understatement. More than her pure size, Valkyrie presents a complete reinvention of the notion of yachting. Valkyrie’s non-rectilinear shapes and curved lines have been intricately penned to reflect both sunlight and moonlight, creating harmony with the nature that surrounds her.

It is not just the profile of this superyacht that redefines traditional notions. Valkyrie’s function, described by Park as a “floating entertainment hub”, is truly unique. Fitted with a casino, theatre, gallery and convention hall, Valkyrie is intended to be open for public access and for an owner this offers a promising return on investment.

Developed in collaboration with Palmer Johnson where Park previously worked as Senior Exterior Designer, Valkyrie is no doubt one of the most ambitious projects the industry has seen.


Philippe Briand’s 90-metre megayacht concept is both an aesthetic and engineering masterpiece. Using his experience working on renowned sailing yacht projects such as Vertigo and Sybaris, Briand has reverted to the use of carbon fibre masts on this latest project, while a sleek design certainly hasn’t impacted the enormous exterior spaces on board.

The most admirable feature of SY300 is her self-sufficiency. As the industry moves into a new chapter dominated by efficient designs for the protection of the environment, Briand’s SY300 is fully wind-propelled with a remarkable hydrodynamic efficiency. It may seem strange to praise a sailing yacht for being efficiently powered, but over the years many sailing yachts have effectively become motor yachts with sails. With this concept, Philippe Briand has responded to the demand for efficiency in the industry and simultaneously restored the authenticity of the sailing experience.

Project Lotus

Another from the mega-sailing yacht category, Royal Huisman’s dual-ship Lotus concept is for the thrill-seekers. Project Lotus offers a unique sailing experience and comprises of a package of 2 superyachts.

The first, and the mothership, is an 88m Two Mast DynaRig sailing vessel designed with smart innovation including solar technology in the masts that reduce the environmental impact while enhancing performance. The imposing 88m superyacht is accompanied by a 70m Shadow support vessel built for versatility. While hosting the owner’s arsenal of toys and equipment, the Shadow vessel is a visual complement to the DynaRig superyacht and can also be used independently for adventures to remote locations.  The integration of these two superyachts aims to get the best out of both motor and sailing experience, and clearly acknowledges the owner-driven trend towards more explorer-type vessels capable of reaching new destinations.

The stunning lines of both these yachts was the work of British design studio ThirtyC, and Royal Huisman has praised the innovative design. The Dutch shipyard has stated that Lotus is “a masterpiece offering complete customisation, open spaces, reduced complexity in terms of both rigging and crew as well as an engineering package that fits both luxury and agility on the water.”

After a successful presentation at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, we hope to see this captivating design come to life in the not-so-distant future.


Francesco Paszkowski revisits the Fincantieri Group’s military history with this alternative superyacht concept.

For over 230 years, the Fincantieri Group delivered all naval vessels from aircraft carriers to destroyers and submarines. Capturing and translating this history into a superyacht, Paszkowski has created what can quite simply be described as a luxurious battleship.

The 80.80m VIS is something the superyacht industry has never seen before, offering a unique experience far removed from the traditional white vessels. Her formidable military styled exterior provides a dominant figure on the waters, complete with shrewdly thought out exterior spaces that maximises liveability. Inside the superyacht, the rugged profile hides a bright and elegant layout, a contrasting air of serenity and sophistication opened up by large panoramic windows throughout.

The 6-deck concept makes innovative use of spaces, with folding-out terraces and wide social alfresco areas on the exterior. A solar-panelled roof on the wheelhouse bridge ensures guests can enjoy the bar and large pool while being protected from the sun. While styling has been kept minimalistic for a sophisticated feel, there are touches that show the ingenuity of the architecture at hand. One such feature is the winter garden, surrounding the scenic lift in the wide lobby. The upper deck, dedicated exclusively to the owner, is fitted with a gym and a large sheltered terrace. Direct access from the owner’s stateroom to the helipad is provided through two stairways on either side of the main deck lobby.

"A floating entertainment hub."

Chulhun Park, Chief Designer of Latitude Yachts, on Valkyrie


"A floating entertainment hub."

Chulhun Park, Chief Designer of Latitude Yachts, on Valkyrie
By George Bains
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