The DeepFlight Dragon: Science Fiction Made Reality

By Ben Roberts

The DeepFlight Dragon is the latest state-of-the-art addition to the California submersible builder’s roster. Offering high-performance underwater exploration, among a long list of other impressive capabilities, the Dragon encapsulates the limitless freedom of underwater flight.

Exploring a piece of the planet no other person has seen before is an unparalleled privilege, and the driving force behind DeepFlight's innovative vision. Glide alongside marine wildlife, delve to ancient shipwrecks and discover the uncharted territories of the world’s oceans.

This manoeuvrable machine may not be as hydrobatic as the Super Falcon; however the Dragon is perfect for exploring underwater, capable of diving up to 400ft (120m) through four thrusters in complete safety.

It’s these safety measures that allow the pilot and guest to enjoy the natural underwater world in complete comfort, knowing that the fixed buoyancy will always bring the Dragon back to the surface naturally and safely.

Masterminded by Graham Hawkes, the DeepFlight submersible - which also comes in the form of the renowned Super Falcon, a vessel with ambassadors such as Richard Branson and Red Bull’s own Dietrich Mateschitz - is based on aviation expertise alongside years of careful research and development.

"The Dragon continues to deliver on the vision of DeepFlight’s founder, Graham Hawkes, in providing lightweight, intuitive and safe submarines that open up the oceans for personal exploration.” explains Adam Wright, President of DeepFlight. “After successful demonstrations in Lake Tahoe and the official launch at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, DeepFlight are now looking forward to hosting international dive events for qualified prospects, client representatives and media in 2016."

The Dragon is designed specifically with feedback from superyacht owners, captains and crew with ease of operation and maintenance in mind. In terms of owner and guest use, the on board DeepFlight Dive Manager (DDM) allows you to pilot the Dragon with ease, requiring minimal training and a set depth limit to swiftly and safely reach your subaquatic destination.

The lightweight submersible - weighing only 1800kg (4000lbs) - can be stored easily thanks to a height of 1.1m (3.6ft) off the deck as well as being deployed and retrieved in the same manner as a tender for ease of use by the Captain and crew.

Not only has this research and development created one of the ultimate superyacht toys, but a lightweight and eco-friendly machine; making the Dragon a fast, clean and quiet 360° viewing platform on an untouched world.

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By Ben Roberts