The Flying Yacht: Another Dubai Boat Show Spectacle

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

When it comes to yachting, by motor or by sail is the usual choice by way of travel. Now, in true UAE Yacht Show style, Enata have built an alternative mode of transportation, skimming the ocean’s surface and revolutionising how we transverse the ocean. Behold the FOILER…

Promising the ever-popular blend of comfort and performance, FOILER quite literally elevates the sea experience for passengers. With retractable carbon fiber hydrofoils forming the distinctive basis of the journey, the ability to fly is finally a possibility.

At 1.5 metres above the water, it’s not quite of eagle standard, but it’s sure to provide an unusual perspective, gliding across waves of up to 2 metres.

But why fly when you can sail? For many reasons. FOILER claims to virtually eliminate sea-sickness no matter how choppy the water, providing an ultra-smooth (and chic) ride. She also aims to satisfy those with an eco-approach to yachting; with hydrofoils increasing speed while reducing the effects of drag on fuel consumption.

In fact, FOILER’s top speeds can reach up to 40 knots with up to 8 people on board. Though it’s not all about the mechanics. In flight stability is comparable to that of walking around a Boeing in the air – completely stable and giving more opportunity for on board enjoyment.

Nevertheless, she stands in length at 10m - hardly comparable to a superyacht - but a more than justifiable toy for an owner to add to his/her collection. Her launch at Dubai International Boat Show is suggestive of her suitability to global locations. Suggested use for the flying machine ranges from hugging a skyline to kicking back in a cove and all the while looking like James Bond while doing so.

If you’re not quite convinced, take a look at the photos. With enviable exterior lines, FOILER is futuristic, fun-loving and functional and definitely the next hot addition to your beach club collection.

By Rose-Hannah Lishman