The Hainan Rendezvous and the Advancement of Sanya

By Ben Roberts

Having sold out three months early, the up and coming 2012 Hainan Rendezvous is set to bring a legion of luxury yachts to the glorious coast of Sanya, China; but how will China’s leading luxury showcase help further the economy of the already booming region?

Widely considered to be the Chinese Riviera, Hainan Island, or more specifically Sanya, is already a booming hub for the influential luxury lifestyle. The world’s elite have been furthering luxury property sales across Hainan’s east coast as well as utilizing the opportunity to expand commercial business in the region, according to the publication PropGoLuxury.

However, with the rapid development of the country’s luxury lifestyle, Hainan Island’s unique and peaceful climate will no doubt be undergoing a revolutionary transformation over the next few years as the Hainan Rendezvous evolves; bringing more and more superyachts to the region’s waters.

Come April 5th, the crystalline waters and golden shores of Sanya will draw well over ten superyachts to the area amongst a fleet of 130 yachts. And with over 15,000 of Asia and Russia’s most influential elite following suit, the 2012 Hainan Rendezvous will not only mark the year of the Water Dragon in style, but bring a huge boost to the island’s evolution.

Andy Chen, Chief Editor of Yachting Lifestyle, commented on the Hainan Rendezvous effects on Sanya: “It’s one of the best boat shows in China, attracting hundreds and thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of high quality potential yacht purchasers to the show, they have to stay in the hotels, pay for eating, luxury goods, and like any other they usually also have the costs of their vacation. And for those visitors, there may also be a cost for a yacht.

CEO and Founder of the Hainan Rendezvous, Delphine Lignieres, said, “Hainan Rendezvous is now a true international yachting platform with industry leaders coming from all over the world. The bet taken four years ago to bring into China an event introducing the yachting lifestyle is starting to be emulated in other parts of the country, with secondary cities especially interested in learning more about this new trend”.

The Hainan Rendezvous is now less than one month away, and with news of success already surrounding the event, we can’t wait to see how the show acts as a true signifier of an emerging market.

By Ben Roberts