The Headnorth Team Begin Their Intrepid Expedition

By Ben Roberts

AUDIO DIARY ONE: The Headnorth team have arrived safely at their starting destination 1 degree and 100km from the North Pole despite facing a crash landing en route to Ice Camp Barneo.

Walking in the name of two fantastic charities, Charlie Birkett delivered his first audio diary on day two of the Headnorth Challenge to Charlotte Bailey of Y.CO, who has given a unique insight into the adventure.

After their plane crash landed on the way to their starting point at Ice Camp Barneo, the team were luckily able to continue to their helicopter transfer unharmed and undeterred.

Having now completed seven hours of walking across the white landscape of the Arctic on day one, the Headnorth team is already underway and making good time on day two - the time of the delivered audio message - in order to complete the trek in 5-6 days.

We’ll be delivering more updates through Y.CO in order to give you a front row seat on the journey; however there is still time to support the team. Find out how by clicking here.

By Ben Roberts