The Hollywood Classic: Christina O

By Christina Tsangaris

The blushing belle that is Christina O earned her iconic ocean reputation as a sanctuary for the stars. Marking the moods and moments of her time at sea, we take a look inside her theatrical 99-metres to discover the defining character of remaining decades on; a timeless classic.

Birthed in WW2 in 1943, the Canadian Vickers build Christina O has played host to the glittering figures of fashion, film and politics from the likes of Marilyn Monroe to John F. Kennedy. Today, having beckoned a glamorous circle of style cognoscenti to her quarters, she showcases the vehement appeal of a treasured lady of the ocean.

Yet, as the clinking martini glasses and chatter disappear, the walls that once played backdrop to the vintage polaroids have taken restoration. Evolving her traditional interior allure, her grand decedence retains her original character, and her unique past unforgotten.

An all round interior refit saw the sentimental artefacts of her space restored and carefully considered, ensuring she remains every bit the Christina O she once was. Marrying the pastoral comfort of a country manner with the royal grandois of the Queens quarters, Christina O packs an idyllic dimension into every metre.  

From the sultry richness of her reds to the opulence of her golds, this Top 100 superyacht, with an interior by Apostolos Molindris & Associates, invites nothing more than a regal reside at sea.  Take the dining salon boasting a 24-seater table, or the Aris Bar, whose original rope-covering stands today. The exoticism of whale fang bar handles and whale-skin bar stools telling a worldly story of travel. Just a single trip to the atrium decked with mosaic of the Onassis omega logo ensures the mogul of 1954, owner Aristotle Onassis is also always in spirit.

The dazzling historic glamour of the past is alive in every corner. A library that once occupied whiskey and cigars. Her saloon-turn-ballroom, fitted with the raised dais for an orchestra at a moment’s notice. Her music room boasting a Steinway piano once played by Sinatra himself. Not to forget her deck space, restored with Minoan bull and a vaulter mosaic pool ready and waiting to turn into a dance floor at black out.

State room by state room her texture adds to her depth and beauty, bringing luxe-elegance to 34 guests in 18 staterooms. Elsewhere, her Panteli marble bathrooms, oak-panelling, onyx fireplace and Baccarat crystal lights add a dash of glamour to a vintage dream.

Christina O is veiled with the sentiment of her guests, her travels and her memories. And so she continues, an ever evolving emblem of the past, telling her stories and taking you with her.

By Christina Tsangaris