The Infinite Playground For Explorer Superyachts

By George Bains

Exploration is the essence of superyachts, connecting exclusive guests to the most enchanting destinations in the world. More than ever, superyachts are venturing farther to reach some of the most remote and unspoilt regions, and doing so in quite some style. Indonesia is one such destination which has seen an increase in traffic from superyachts, providing an enticing option for those Owners with a hunger for adventure…

It is very rare to feel as though you are genuinely the first to see and experience a location, to uncover something truly unique and feel completely detached from the mayhem of the world. That is what Indonesia offers. With over seventeen thousand islands to explore and incredible natural beauty to absorb you, this is an adventurer’s paradise with something for everyone.

With the advancement of explorer yachts on the water, Indonesia provides Owners and charterers with an infinite source of inspiration to make the most of these long-range capabilities, creating unforgettable memories in the process.  

The sheer diversity of experiences available in Indonesia promises to fill superyacht itineraries with an enticing blend of thrills, awe, and complete bliss. Cruising in Indonesia will treat guests to breath-taking landscapes, from sleepy white-sand beaches to imposing volcanoes and lush rainforest. For nature lovers, Indonesia boasts the second highest level of biodiversity in the world and an incredible array of endemic species including the Komodo Dragon.

Well-regarded as one of the world’s best destinations for diving, delving below the surface of the waters in Indonesia will bring you face to face with dugongs, mola mola, and manta rays as you explore deep trenches and wrecks.

On land, Indonesia’s historical position at the centre of ancient trading routes has created a cultural melting pot influenced by a multitude of religions. Each island has its own fascinating story, and tours offer insight into some of the oldest continuing cultures on the planet, with fascinating World Heritage sites to visit and plenty of unique cuisines to sample.

For a superyacht escape, Indonesia is simply a destination which guarantees adventure in abundance.

With so much to explore, superyachts visiting remote areas like Indonesia rely on guidance from local experts to make the most of their stay. For superyacht Owners in Asia, Simpson Marine has been the authority on yachting experiences since opening its first office in Hong Kong over 35 years ago. Now, with a network of offices across seven countries, Simpson Marine is a full-service agency supporting its clients with everything from new yacht sales through to charters, yacht management, and after-sales services.

Having local expertise available is certainly something that has been greatly appreciated by Simpson Marine’s ever-growing client base, and has enhanced the potential of exploring remote areas like Indonesia by yacht.

Paul Whelan is the Simpson Marine’s Country Manager of Indonesia, and an example of the high level of expertise and service that clients benefit from. A former superyacht Captain, Paul has been with Simpson Marine for over ten years, six of which he has been spent in Indonesia. Experience and insight into the destination, matched by a clear understanding of what Owners and Captains need, translates into a holistic offering of services for superyachts coming into the region.

“The most immediate thing that strikes you about Indonesia is its rawness,” explains Paul Whelan. “We are a world away from what you will find in the mature markets of the Mediterranean and Caribbean. The cruising grounds here are very well suited to longer-range displacement explorers and the autonomy that they provide.

“Even before the pandemic it was far from crowded. Here, you have the opportunity to experience something long before the rest of the world, finding a beach of your own and enjoying the abundance of activities. There’s really nowhere else you can get such a diversity of nature, water, and activities while still being one of the first to see and experience it.

“Especially onboard a superyacht, there are so many more areas you can discover, and the activities are well-suited to charters. Indonesia has some of the most pristine dive spots in the world in places like Raja Ampat and Komodo. You also don’t have to scuba dive, so it suits all levels. For people who just want to snorkel, it’s fantastic as everything you need to see is within 15m of the water surface.”

Much of Simpson Marine’s success has come from matching Owners with the perfect vessel to reflect their interests and needs. Designing and building a bespoke superyacht is a personal journey for Owners, and Simpson Marine’s team of experts accompany them all the way, from the initial drafts of the design through to selecting the furnishings and support after delivery.This is helped by longstanding relationships with world-leading yacht brands, including iconic Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo, whose models have taken the Asian market by storm.

The partnership between Simpson Marine and the Italian shipyard has seen an influx of Sanlorenzo yachts into Asia as Owners embrace ‘Made in Italy’ quality around the globe. This has been particularly appealing for Hong Kong-based Owners who can then look forward to exploring the wider cruising grounds of South East Asia onboard their superyachts.

Sanlorenzo’s SD118 and X-Space models are both well-equipped and geared towards the remote style of cruising in Indonesia. These models offer Owners not only the extreme opulence and comfort of a Sanlorenzo yacht, but also greater autonomy and longer range to suit island-hopping adventures.

The SD range is already firmly established as a favourite in the Asian market, offering Owners the elegance of a classic Sanlorenzo yacht with contemporary luxury to indulge in. The 35m SD118 delivers outstanding range to reach the most faraway destinations, allowing more time at sea onboard a superyacht with a layout designed to bring guests closer to the water. This is very much a model that would draw gazes in any harbour or marina, but is just as natural taking on swashbuckling adventures through archipelagos and reefs.

Unsurprising given the versatile portfolio of Sanlorenzo, the X-Space promises even more in terms of long-range expeditions. Described by Sanlorenzo as “the perfect encounter between explorers and classic navettas,” the 44m X-Space carries a staggering 50,000 litres of fuel for remote cruising. Quite remarkably, this voluminous five-deck superyacht remains under 500GT, while still welcoming guests with beautiful open spaces which connect with the outdoor environment.

When cruising in the serene waters of Indonesia, guests will find it hard to detach themselves from the large open-air living room on the aft area of X-Space, which extends by a further 18sqm thanks to folding balconies. This terrace space is the perfect setting for guests to connect with their surrounding environment in pure luxury, even with an 18m swimming pool overlooking the sea to give the illusion of infinite water.

The exterior design by Studio Zuccon International Project enhances this connection through an extensive application of glass which creates a theme of transparency, ensuring guests can feel truly at one with the exquisite nature around them. For the rare times that guests are not soaking up the sun, the superyacht has plenty of luxury amenities to indulge in and the Owner even benefits from their own private deck, a feature usually seen on vessels of a much larger category.

These Sanlorenzo models are the reflection of a design process that has evolved in tandem with the interests of Owners to deliver versatile, open spaces on yachts which enable greater autonomous exploration.

Simpson Marine’s engagement with Owners does not simply end with the delivery of their bespoke superyacht. Providing specific yachting expertise in areas like Indonesia is unique to Simpson Marine, and a valuable resource for its clients to tap into. This is a journey that the company shares with its clients, and is invested in making sure that their superyacht experience is everything they had dreamt of.

“Our team has grown through the years, and we are always available to support our Simpson Marine and Sanlorenzo clients,” adds Paul. “Having offices across Asia gives Owners a flexibility which is really important when cruising in this part of the world, and something that they really appreciate. We have expanded our services to cover everything including yacht management, organising crew, provisioning, repairs, refit, and clearances, so the support throughout Asia is comprehensive.”

Indonesia is an explorer’s playground, where superyachts can rediscover a pioneering spirit and be the first to enjoy such a unique environment. With guidance from the region’s experts, the opportunity is there for a new superyacht experience.  

"Here, you have the opportunity to experience something long before the rest of the world."

Paul Whelan, Country Manager of Indonesia, Simpson Marine


"Here, you have the opportunity to experience something long before the rest of the world."

Paul Whelan, Country Manager of Indonesia, Simpson Marine
By George Bains
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